Army Service Dog Vest


Air Force Service Dog Vest

If you are a military vet who is suffering from PTSD, then you know that a service dog is one option that can help. Service dogs need to wear proper harnesses and vests, so they can be allowed to enter public places, such as a restaurant. You want equipment that fits your budget, is long-lasting, and looks and feels great. This is where Custom Service Dog Equipment comes in. At Custom Service Dog Equipment you can find an army service dog vest that will be perfect for your service dog. If you served in the air force, you can get an air force service dog vest that will get noticed.  If you prefer to call, you can contact the number 916-955-5641 during business hours. Custom Service Dog Equipment is based right in Livermore, CA, and is available to ship throughout the United States. 

From the moment you start viewing the items at Custom Service Dog Equipment, you will know that you will find an air force service dog vest that is suitable for your needs. Helen Steinberg has arranged for a wide selection and knows what is needed by those who have service dogs. You will see dog vest with beautiful embroidery that can be customized to your needs. Do not hesitate to let Custom Service Dog Equipment know what you want for your service dog.

For any type of service dog vests, you may need, such as an army service dog vest, the place for you to work with is Custom Service Dog Equipment. It doesn’t matter that you are not in Livermore, CA, Custom Service Dog Equipment can ship right to you, and will do so for free. Order today!